7000V Electric Shock Rat Rodent Trap

7000V Electric Shock Rat Rodent Trap

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1. Easy to use: Just use the included adapter to insert the device or insert the battery, apply a small amount of bait (such as peanut butter, etc.), then place the device in the desired location and turn on the power. When a rodent enters the trap, the electronic mousetrap will send a 7000V electric shock, immediately knocking the rodent down. ;

2. Precision technology: The electronic mousetrap is equipped with advanced rodent detection technology, which can ensure that the mouse and all other rodents are immediately knocked down without escaping. Suitable for mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunk and other similar rodents. ;

3. Humane: The electronic mousetrap can resolve rodents humanely as soon as possible. It works by sending out a 7000V electric shock that immediately knocks down the rodent with almost no pain. ;

4. Safe and worry-free: The rodents can be freely released / discarded without any dangerous poisons and chemicals, and it will not cause confusion. There is no blood and no contact with dead rodents; to discard extinct rodents, simply pick up the equipment, slide the dead rodents into the trash can, and return the trap to its place for the next capture. ;

5. Power supply: The product is powered by a dry battery (need to be prepared) and adapters from different countries. At the same time, the adapter is preferentially selected. The battery can be automatically disconnected to avoid power conflicts.

6. Protection: There is a protective switch design. The housing must be assembled before it can be powered on. When the upper and lower parts of the product are opened, the circuit board will automatically be powered off. At this time, the metal plate part can be safely washed with water to remove odor. ;

Precautions for electronic rodent killer products

• If it is powered by a battery, it can be used outdoors. It is also written in the manual, but it is not suitable for places where there is water, rain or condensation;

• The alarm will only be issued after high voltage work. Under normal circumstances, there is no conductive body contacting the positive and negative poles, which will not cause high voltage work and alarm;

• The high voltage of the product can only be lifted by the rat touching two pieces of metal at the same time. If it is a relatively short animal, or if the front foot is stepped on and the rear foot is not stepped on, the high voltage will not be generated;

• It is recommended to only target mice, generally not effective for squirrels;

• Suggested baits: peanut butter, hazelnut butter, nuts, seeds, sausages, sunflower seeds, walnut oil. ;


Material: abs shell;

Weight: about 900G;

Packing boxes;

Colour: Black;

Power adapter working voltage: 110v, 60hz;

Battery type: 4 No. 1 batteries (need to prepare);

Adapter power supply product voltage and current: 6V / 1A;

Static working current: ≦ 100uA;

Working current: ≦ 1000mA;

Colour: Black ;

Product certification: FCC, CE, ROSH;

Product inner box size: 11.8 "x 4.9" x 3.9 "

Package list: electronic mousetrap

* 1, power adapter

* 1, led extension cable

* 1, instruction manual

* 1, disposable gloves

* 4 (double), disposable garbage bag * 4;


7000V Electric Shock Rat Rodent Trap

You save $11.96 (13%)
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