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Automatic Press Dumpling Maker

Automatic Press Dumpling Maker

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Faster efficiency: There are two dumpling slots, you can make two at once, or make different delicacies at the same time.

Easy to use: Put the dumpling skin and filling in place and press lightly to finish. Even small children can use it easily.

Satisfy your culinary needs: making dumplings is fast and convenient, with a beautiful appearance.

New Cooking Experience: Experience the joy of cooking with your family.

Production steps:

1. Turn on the switch

2. Put the dumpling skin and add the filling

3. Press down to

4. You can steam/boil/bake/fry to make your delicious dumplings.

Product Specifications:

Product name: Automatic dumpling maker

Material: 304 stainless steel + ABS

Weight: 350G

Size: 17*20*12cm (6.7*7.87*4.7in)

In China, there are different custom styles in different parts of China, commonly used to make dumplings by steaming & boiling & frying & roasting. Dumplings are one of the delicacies of important festivals and family reunions. When it comes to making dumplings, making your own is a really fun process, learning a new recipe that will impress your guests.

You just need to make the filling as delicious as possible and you will have perfectly perfect dumplings.


Automatic Press Dumpling Maker

You save $5.00 (13%)
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