Egg Shape Silicone Mold Kitchen Décor Bake Tool

Egg Shape Silicone Mold Kitchen Décor Bake Tool

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100% Brand New and High Quality.

These are perfect for decorating a cake, fondant, paste, and so on. A great tool for you to make them easier.

Flexible for easy removal,innovative design,soft,ever-changing style.

Materials: Food Grade Silicone


Material: Food Grade Silicone

Rating of temperature: -40℃ to 210℃



Products: Easter egg cake mold

Color: brown

Dimensions: 23*10*1.7cm

Material: silica gel

Shape: egg shape

1. The main component of silica gel is silica gel, a natural component existing in sand, stone, and crystal. It's not Rubber or Plastic! Silica gel is the Stone on the beach, with low carbon and environmental protection.

2. Silica gel has high flexibility, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance, which is suitable for cooking and baking and is simple and practical.

3. Through testing, it is healthy, natural and antibacterial, and can prevent the breeding of and fungi. Therefore, there are a lot of silica gel products in baby products and products. Such as: nipple, silicone plastic, etc.

4. Recyclable, durable and low in energy consumption.

5. It has stable structural mechanical properties, so it has extreme temperature resistance and wide temperature resistance range. The lowest temperature is MINUS 40℃, the highest temperature is 230℃, and it is heated and frozen evenly.

6. It has corrosion resistance to cleaning agents and other corrosive substances and is easy to clean.

7. After use, no raw materials will stick to the mold.

Package Included:

1x Cake Baking Mold



Due to the light and display effects, color differences may exist slightly.

Please allow us 1-2cm differences due to manual measurement. Thank you.


Egg Shape Silicone Mold Kitchen Décor Bake Tool

You save $2.07 (17%)
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