Fitness Hula Hoop Get A Shape

Fitness Hula Hoop Get A Shape

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This fitness gear trims your waistline without torturing your hips. And the best thing is this hula hoop can be strapped so you won't get bruised during workouts. With the help of the soft gravity ball, you can now perform hula hoop goals every day without spending a lot of effort and time. Smart hula hoop can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue, you will get the ideal figure. At the same time, for those who have been sitting at home in the office for a long time, you must use this product if you feel backache. You can not only get exercise but also massage your waist to achieve a relaxed state.

Hula Hooping is a calorie-consuming aerobic exercise if you can keep it on the waist that is! So we are introducing the Fitness Hula Hoop. It will never fall off your waist and is a workout dream that has finally come TRUE! This Hula Hoop will not drop! Simply adjust it to the size of your waist and hula hoop till your heart is content!

Name: Sports Hoops

Material: ABS



Color: pink, purple,blue

Size: 16section-Within 60cm waist

19section-Within 90cm waist

21section-Within 105cm waist

24section-Within 120cm waist


The product does not have a packaging box. It is packed in air column bags, which is convenient for transportation and safer. Please accept him. If you need the original box, you need to pay another 3 dollars, thank you

Due to measurement error, please accept the difference of 2-3cm, due to light, please slightly color difference.

Why choose the second-generation hula hoop?

Compared with the first generation, it takes up less space, is easy to carry, safe to operate and easy to enjoy

Slimming black technology

Shock-absorbing massage contact points

360 degree surround massage

Shock-absorbing waist support

Up and down double lock, easy to operate

Safety screws to prevent movement interruption


Fitness Hula Hoop Get A Shape

You save $7.96 (13%)
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