Garlic Grinder

Garlic Grinder

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Product name: Manual garlic masher

Instantly grind your garlic with the Garlic Grinder!

This pot is made with 3 blades in the lid and a rope that turns the blade for quick and easy cutting.

Simply add your garlic, close the lid and pull the string for fast and safe garlic cloves.

Color: white + red

Size: about 9*9*7cm (measured purely by hand, there may be reasonable human error, but it does not affect the use)

Material: cover ABS+PP

Capacity PS+402 blade


1. In use, please put the magnetic knife post into the white cup cover

2. This product is suitable for food with a small amount

3. Do not use in the microwave oven

4. The blade is sharp to avoid scratches

5. After use, please rinse with clean water, and then disassemble the blade and dry it before assembling



Garlic Grinder

You save $2.96 (17%)
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